Destination Guides

No need to Finish your Homework. Traveling used to require a ton of research. There’s hundreds of hotels and activities to decide between. When we visit a city we try to do it all and provide video reviews to make researching your next destination much easier. Also, we share our top 3 favorite hotels, top 3 favorite paid activities, and top 3 free activities if you want to make things really easy just watch our guide before your next trip.

Personal Vlogs

We have a personal vlog where we share everything from relationship advice to life hacks. There are so many things in life that should be common sense but if we don’t learn from our schools or parents we’re often left to figure it out on our own. Let’s figure out life together. Here’s where you can see what we’ve been figuring out this week.

Entrepreneur School

Attend our Free Entrepreneur School!! We love Entrepreneurship and are starting our own business workshops and online school to learn everything you want to know about digital entrepreneurship.

This isn’t your grandmas world. Welcome to the Digital World.

Where the way things work has yet to be discovered. Where “impossible” has yet to be tried.

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